The system has been tested and developed on ubuntu 16.04. All the default external software installations are done with ubntu 16.04 sources. The user can get a default copy of ubuntu 16.04 sources from its website. The software uses

  • re2c 0.16
  • lemon 1.0
  • Boost 1.54
  • aclocal 1.15
  • autoconf 2.69
  • automake 1.15
  • make 4.1
  • sympy 1.10
  • clingo 4.5.4
  • Alchemy 2.0
  • Tuffy 0.3
  • Rockit 0.5.227
Note that for lpmln2asp, clingo requires gringo library in its PYTHON path. To check if the library is installed type import gringo in the python shell and it should import the module if present. There are certain prerequisite software that is required to be installed on your system to compile this project. On debian based systems, these tools can be downloaded by writing the following line in command prompt

sudo apt-get install git uuid-dev autotools-dev libboost-all-dev

There are also some python modules required for lpmln2asp to work. You can use either pip or easy_install to install them. To install using pip type

sudo pip install ipdb sympy

If the system does not recognize pip, you can install pip from here.
Enter the below lines in your command prompt (unix) to acquire and install LPMLN packages.

git clone -b LPNMR-draft
automake --add-missing
sudo make install

This system depends on available systems: Clingo for lpmln2asp and Alchemy, Rockit, Tuffy for lpmln2mln.
Download links: