Automated Reasoning Group at ASU

(from left to right: Joohyung Lee, Zhun Yang, Jiaxuan Pang, Yi Wang, Man Luo, Jinyung Hong)


  • Jan 2021: Zhun and Adam presented the paper on NeurASP at IJCAI 2020.
  • Nov 2020: Zhun was awarded the ICLP 2020 Best Doctoral Consortium Paper.
  • Jul 2019: Yi and Man had papers accepted at ICLP 2019. 
  • Jun 2019: Yi presented the paper on DT-LPMLN and PBC+ with utility at ICLP 2019; Man presented the paper on Strong Equivalence at ASPOCP 2019 and the Doctoral Consortium.
  • Apr 2019: Yi Wang has successfully defended her dissertation titled "Reasoning and Learning with Probabilistic Extension of Answer Set Programs".
  • Nov 2018: The group has successfully organized KR/DL/NMR 2018. The group had 5 presentations at the meetings.